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Industry in Shizuoka

A Leader in Everything from Pianos to Plastic Models

In addition to dominating the Japanese market, Shizuoka-based companies are world leaders in several major industrial sectors. Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki brand motorcycles all had their start in Shizuoka and are still manufactured locally; thanks to this, the prefecture accounts for 28 percent of Japanese motorcycle exports. Yamaha and Kawai pianos, which got their start in Shizuoka in the early twentieth century, are both global brands, and Shizuoka-made pianos now hold 100 percent of the domestic market. Shizuoka is also a leader in the photonics, plastic model, and corduroy textile industries.


Shizuoka accounts for the entirety of Japan’s piano production.

High Prefectural Output

Driven by SME Innovation

Shizuoka is proud to be home to both world-class companies and a large number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The prefecture has the fourth-highest value of product shipments in Japan and is particularly strong in the fields of machinery and equipment, which collectively account for over half of total prefectural output. Overall, Shizuoka ranks tenth in the nation for gross prefectural product. Much of this vitality in manufacturing comes from the SMEs, which often act as suppliers to large global corporations, as well as a high concentration of venture businesses attracted by the enterprising attitude and infrastructure support that define Shizuoka.


Shizuoka’s strength in manufacturing lies in the technological prowess of local SMEs.

Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster

Shizuoka to Japan, Shizuoka to the World

The Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster is composed of three projects that work to fortify the unique industrial foundation of their respective areas and stimulate industrial innovation with an eye to the future.

The Pharma Valley Project is based in eastern Shizuoka’s medical and health industry. The project’s main aim is stimulating research and manufacturing from a perspective centered on patients, families, and practitioners. It also offers startup assistance for businesses seeking to enter the medical industry. Central Shizuoka’s Food Science Hills Project, which targets the food industry, seeks to develop a fusion between food and medicine based on the functional properties of tea and other local specialties. Finally, the Photon Valley Project supports the development of cutting-edge technology in western Shizuoka’s optoelectronics industry, which in turn provides equipment to businesses in other fields. It is expected that the interaction of these three points of the triangle will give rise to new leading industries and further cement Shizuoka’s status as the Production Prefecture.

Cluster Triangle Synergies

LED grow lights developed by a Photon Valley-based company

A Place to Grow

The Appeal of Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka’s excellent location, infrastructure, workforce, and incentives have made it the prefecture of choice for incipient firms. Cumulatively, more new firms have been established in Shizuoka since 2000 than in any other prefecture. Many existing companies, too, regard Shizuoka as the most suitable place to expand their business. Businesses representing a wide variety of industries, including retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and electrical engineering all invest in Shizuoka. This is what makes Shizuoka the Production Prefecture of Japan.