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Mount Fuji and the Beauty of Nature

Spectacular Views Wherever You Look

Very much a symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji has inspired awe in nature lovers and artists for centuries. The country's highest peak at 3,776 meters, this volcano stands out clearly in the landscape and can be admired from many spots in Shizuoka. It is open to climbers during the summer season and viewing the sunrise from the summit is a dream for many. Shizuoka also boasts spectacular coastlines and clean rivers and lakes that make it a favorite for both Japanese and foreign tourists.

Mount Fuji and the Beauty of Nature

Mt. Fuji from Asagiri Heights in summer

Hot Spring Resorts

Relaxing the Japanese Way

Visiting hot springs resorts, known as "Onsen," is a favorite Japanese pastime as it combines enjoyment of nature, relaxation, and health benefits. Shizuoka is particularly blessed with hot springs, from the eastern costal resort of Atami to the numerous resorts of the Izu Peninsula, many of which offer spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. A soak in a hot tub followed by a traditional meal of local delicacies enjoyed in a soft cotton yukata robe is a guaranteed stress-killer. There are many types of onsen, some offering wooden tubs fragrant with the scent of hinoki Japanese cedar, and some with outdoor baths where you are surrounded by nature. This is an unforgettable Shizuoka experience!


Ocean-side outdoor spa in Izu

Historical Sites and Traditional Crafts

Something for Everyone to Enjoy

Shizuoka is situated along the old Tokaido Highway, which linked Tokyo with Kyoto, and more than 20 of the famous 53 post towns along this road are located in the prefecture, offering interesting sightseeing opportunities. There are many historical sites throughout Shizuoka, including Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, which was built in 1617 to enshrine the first shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Grand Shrine at Mishima, dating back to the ninth century, and Shimoda, the site for America's first consulate in Japan. Shizuoka is also known for traditional crafts such as suruga makie gold and silver relief lacquer, vases and insect cages woven from fine strips of bamboo, and charming Hina dolls, which replicate the imperial court as Dolls' Festival decorations.


Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

Outdoor Sports

The Perfect Place to Be Active!

Shizuoka's location, with a long coastline and mountain ranges, makes it the perfect place to enjoy both nautical and mountain sports. There are many hiking trails and campsites throughout the prefecture, both along the rugged coastline and inland. The numerous beaches are perfect for relaxing in the summer months, and for those who enjoy more adventurous nautical options, surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, and scuba diving are all available. Fans of white water rafting can enjoy the Fuji and Shiba rivers, and rock-climbing in the Jogasaki-Kaigan and Joyama areas. There is also skiing and snowboarding at several mountain resorts and amazing golf at over 91 beautiful courses.


outdoor a woman playing golf

Great outdoor fun!

Amuse Yourself!

From Theme Parks to Outlet Malls

Shizuoka offers a wealth of opportunities for thrill-seekers at its theme parks and outdoor venues. These include Fuji Safari Park, Grinpa Amusement Park, Mt. Fuji Children's World, and Fuji Speedway, the largest international racing course in Japan. The mild climate in central and western Shizuoka as well as on the Izu Peninsula fosters beautiful flowers in such places as Hamamatsu Flower Park and Kamo Iris Garden, and even allows for fruit picking. Those who are more into indoor pursuits will be eager to try out Shizuoka's outlet malls such as the Gotemba Premium Outlets.


Gotemba Premium Outlets

Food and Culinary Specialties

A Gourmet's Delight

Thanks to its mild climate and coastal location, Shizuoka is a leading producer of food products, including green tea, "mikan" tangerines, strawberries, and wasabi. It is also home to major fishing ports and is well-known for its seafood, ranging from tuna to whitebait and cherry-colored shrimp. The pure water from Shizuoka's rivers is a major asset in the production of sake, Japanese rice wine. Home to 29 breweries, Shizuoka is particularly renowned for its production of Ginjoshu super-premium sake. All of these high-quality ingredients can be enjoyed locally at many restaurants or at inns located in onsen hot spring resorts.


Shizuoka’s local sake variety