Drug abuse is the unauthorized use of controlled drugs which inhibit orimpair mental functions. They are strictly controlled by law.

These includestimulants such as amphetamine and met amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and MDMA,as well as psychotropic substances and thinners.

photo:Stimulants and syringes
Stimulants and syringes
photo:Tracks of a drug abuser
Tracks of a drug abuser

What are the effects of drug abuse?

Mood altering drugs can induce a psychological and physical exhilaration, or “high”. The desire to relieve tiredness or repeat the experience can be overpowering, and eventually lead to psychological dependency and addiction.

Many people try drugs for the first time out of simple curiosity, which then develops into occasional or recreational use and finally becomes habitual.

Even after withdrawal, insufficient sleep, over work, stress or drinking may trigger flashbacks or hallucinations.

Why is the use of drugs and stimulants prohibited?

Stimulant and drug abuse damages people both mentally and physically. Drugs can disrupt an individual’s life to the point where they are unable to cope with everyday situations, and may eventually cause their death.

Drugs may cause hallucinations or delusions. Many vicious crimes such as murder or arson, as well as serious traffic accidents are committed by someone under the influence of drugs. Sadly, the effect does not stop with the damage to their own life, but creates an irretrievable loss for their loved ones, their family and the community as well as that of their victims.

Therefore, if for no other reason, the strict law against use or possession is only common sense for community protection.