Traffic accidents are occurring everyday.

A tremendous volume of human and vehicle traffic moves on the road. If even a single driver or pedestrian looks only out for himself, failing to consider others, there will not only be inconvenience and trouble to others, but traffic patterns will be upset which may even result in accidents. Because of this traffic laws have been established. By following these rules we assure that the road is safe for everyone.

To enhance the awareness of traffic safety, the police are actively implementing specific safety education for everyone, also we are taking measures to prevent traffic accidents.

Traffic Safety Education

For the purpose of reducing tragic accidents, Shizuoka Police open various types of traffic safety programs such as practical lessons in school. Also, we hold experimental simulations for seniors in their community.

Traffic Safety Education

Traffic Control Center

Traffic Control Center collects all kinds of information on road traffic and analyzes them for smoother transportation flow for the purpose of establishing a safe and pleasant traffic environment.

Luminous Reflectors

It is difficult for drivers to recognize a pedestrian or a person riding on a bicycle without lighting on the street at night time. “Luminous Reflectors” are effective in reducing traffic accidents at night.

photo:Luminous Reflectors

Traffic Signs