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Industrial Cluster Project

1 Industrial Cluster Project
Concentrating 3 leading specialist industries
Triangle Research Cluster Project
Shizuoka is now promoting a Triangle Research Cluster Project. This aims to concentrate distinctive industries in each region - life science industry in the east part of Shizuoka, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries in the middle, and optoelectronic industry in the west.
Pharma Valley Project
World-class healthcare and wellness R & D
Shizuoka Cancer Center
A great number of pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers are concentrated at the foot of Mt. Fuji in eastern Shizuoka. As a result, the prefecture boasts the nation's 2nd biggest production in the industry in value terms. Also, the region is a gateway to the Izu Peninsula, one of the nation's most popular hot spring regions. In the Pharma Valley Project, making the best of abundant resources in the region, healthcare related companies, research institutes, universities, and hospitals form a collaborative network around the core of the Shizuoka Cancer Center and Research Institute, and conduct world-class research into and development of medical care and wellness.
Standardized electronic medical record system
Research fields and specific projects
Shizuoka Cancer Center and Research Institute
A comprehensive joint research agreement has been made with major private firms to develop systems for early detection and diagnosis of cancer and equipment for next-generation proton beam therapy.
Joint research in treatment and diagnosis methods for cancer has been conducted with universities, including the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Drug development exploration system
A library of chemical compounds has been constructed. Also, the screening of anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs has been performed.
Fuji Clinical Trial Study Group
A clinical trial network, which comprises of 28 hospitals (14,000 beds in total), has been established to encourage quick, high-quality, and inexpensive clinical trials.

Food Science Hills Project
Lifestyle solutions through smart food
University of Shizuoka
The nation's leading food industries are concentrated in the central region. They take full advantage of abundant agricultural and marine resources to produce seasonings and canned food. This area is home to universities and research institutes known for their excellence in life science, including the University of Shizuoka. The Food Science Hills Project aims to combine industry's engineering prowess with academia's research and development capability and achieve the advancement of existing industries and the creation of new food and pharmaceutical industries.
GABA-enriched chocolate and coffee, cat food with fish oil, and theanine-enriched green tea
Research fields and specific projects
Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Human Health Science in University of Shizuoka
A new comprehensive academic field has been established to focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases. Also, highly functional food products have been developed, and a variety of efforts have been made for drug discovery based on such products as seeds.
Development of new functional foods
New functional food has been developed and distributed. It contains GABA, which produces a relaxing effect, and phospholipid, which is effective in relieving stress.
Use of deep-sea water from Suruga Bay
Deep-sea water from the Suruga Bay has been studied for practical use to stimulate the local economy through collaboration among industry, academia and government.
Photon Valley Project
Applying optoelectronic strength to next-generation industries
Kenjiro Takayanagi, born in western Shizuoka and referred to as the father of Japanese television, first succeeded in developing 'all-electronic' television set in the world.The optoelectronic technology that the western region boasts is applicable in a variety of industries, such as a medical care, machining, and agriculture, and will lead to the advancement of existing industries and creation of new business.
Relevant measures have been implemented intensively to accelerate the further concentration of the optoelectronic industries in the western region. The Photon Valley Project plays a key role in driving Shizuoka's manufacturing industries in the 21st century.
Wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor
Research fields and specific projects
Monitoring technology for real-time depth measurement of holes
Monitoring technology that allows the real-time measurement of the depth of holes drilled using a femtosecond laser has been developed for the first time in the world.
Wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor
An image sensor with a linear response mode has been developed. It is capable of capturing an image with a wide range (8 digits) of brightness, a much wider range of images than existing sensors can capture.
Blood vessel modeling system for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions
A system has been developed to create 3-D models of blood vessels based on image data. It allows the visualization and measurement of blood flows.



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