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Incentive Programs

Full support for companies venturing into Japan.

One-stop Service Center
Shizuoka established a one-stop service center in November 2005 specifically for foreign-affiliated companies considering venturing into Japan. It is intended to provide them with useful information and consultation free of charge. In fact, it received 14 inquiries in fiscal 2006. The one-stop service center is pleased to offer you the following assistance:
  • Providing information regarding the investment environment and incentive programs
  • Introducing attorneys or tax accountants who are capable of supporting foreign companies
  • Providing support for business development

International business advisors
Shizuoka has 3 staff members who reside in the United States as international business advisors. They act as go-betweens to invite foreign-affiliated companies to Shizuoka. If you have strong interest in starting a business in Japan and desire specific information or advice, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you contact them and save you the time and expense of visiting Japan.

Nurturing venture businesses
Special support is available in Shizuoka for entrepreneurs and venture companies. There are 12 public business support facilities including a startup office and business incubation centers, which offer the office space required to start a new business. This is an especially convenient program for companies branching out into Japan for the first time, and some of the incubator centers have already been used by foreign-affiliated companies.
1 Hamamatsu City

Hamamatsu Miyakoda Business Incubation Center
Hamamatsu Software Incubator (IT-based business incubator)
Techno Frontier Hamamatsu (R & D facility)
Innovative Joint Research Center, Shizuoka University
Hi-Cube (Science and technology-based business incubator)
2 Shizuoka City

Shizuoka Startup Office
SOHO Shizuoka
Shizuoka City Shimizu Industry & Information Plaza
3 Fuji City
  Fuji Business Incubation Center
4 Numazu City
  Numazu Business Incubation Center
Numazu IT Kobo (Software-based business incubator)
5 Mishima City

SOHO Mishima
Office rent subsidy for foreign-affiliated or foreign companies
Shizuoka offers to pay half of foreign investors' rent as a 1-year subsidy (max. 500,000 yen). This is intended to encourage them to set up their business premises in Shizuoka. Increasingly, foreign companies are taking advantage of this scheme as awareness of it grows, and actually, 6 companies have enjoyed the benefits of it as of fiscal 2006.
Eligible applicant Companies
Requirements Foreign-affiliated or foreign companies renting an office for a business operation.
The rented office shall have at least 3 employees or a floor area of at least 15 square meters.
Expense to be covered by subsidy Office rent (The subsidy shall be granted for up to 12 months.)
Max. subsidy 1/2 of monthly office rent x 12 months (Max. 500,000 yen in total)



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