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Shizuoka Universal Design


2. Examples of Designing Products and Services

Daily Necessities

Notches of Telephone Cards

First created for the visually impaired, but convenient for everyone.

Telephone Card

Serration of Hair Shampoo Containers

Serration of shampoo containers in order to easily distinguish from hair conditioner.


Convex on Center Keys on Telephones and Desktop Calculators

Everyone uses these convenient keys without noticing.

Cell Phone

Convex on Keyboards

Just like desktop calculators, everyone uses this without noticing.


Communication Measures (Telephones and Others)

Volume Control on Public Telephones

In addition to increasing accessibility for the hard of hearing, this convenience applies to all in noisy surroundings.

Volume Control

Lower Public Telephones

Increase accessibility, especially for children, people in wheelchairs.

Lower Public Telephones

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