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Updated:September 28, 2014

Clothes and belongings for climbing Mt.Fuji

1 Clothes

Cap ※necessities

It is necessary to wear a cap in prevention of sunstroke or heatstroke because of its vicinity to the sun at Mt.Fuji.


It is effective to wear long sleeve shirt to keep the body warm or in prevention of injury.


Stretch pants are best recommended to make you feel comfortable.


Superior sweat-absorbent and quick-drying material is best recommended. Wearing cotton is not good as it is hard to dry and waste your strength.

Work gloves ※necessities

It is necessary to wear cotton work gloves to protect yourself from injury or coldness.


Prepare appropriate footwear to take a good balance in shoes. Thick socks for skiing or skating are suitable for climbing to avoid shoe sore.


As most of the trails are rocky and sandy, hard-soled, high-cut, waterproof mountaineering boots or trekking shoes are best recommended not to have sprain.


It is easy to wear a backpack. Try to adjust the belt to fit one’s size and never fasten the shoulder too tight. It causes “Backpack anesthesia”, reduced air circulation of the blood or paralysis. The proper size is 20 liters for overnight climbing.

2 Belongings

Raincoat ※necessities

When you get wet, it causes sudden decrease in physical strength. Rain coat protects you against rain or coldness and keeps you warm. As the weather on the mountain is variable, it is necessary to bring it with you.

Headlamp (Flash light) ※necessities

In Mt.Fuji, it is frequently covered with dense fog and which causes you a trouble. Remember to bring the headlamp not to get lost or separated from your group even in the day time. Don’t forget to bring the extra batteries. The flash of LED lamp is very clear and easy to find in the fog.

Water bottle (More than 1 liter)

To improve metabolism is very important. Adequate hydration and altitude acclimatization are necessary to prevent the altitude sickness. Replenishing water and passing urine is an effective way to prevent altitude sickness. And remember to leave a small amount of water on the way to get to the 5th station. In case of injury, you may need a water to disinfect a wound.

Plastic bag and 100yen coins

Let’s encourage to inscribe Mt. Fuji on the list of World heritage! Take your trash away and toilet is paid for 200yen. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


It is effective to put on a mask when you descend the mountain. Otherwise, you will get sand in your nostrils and mouth.


It is efficient to put on spats. They prevent the entrance of volcanic ashes or fine stones into shoes. To wrap the spats with masking tape over the shoes is also very effective.

Rescue sheet

It is available to keep you warm at night or in case of bad weather. Appropriate price is about 500~1,000yen.