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Updated:September 28, 2014

Climbing Mt. Fuji Q&A

Is it available to climb Mt. Fuji except July and August?

During the climbing season in summer (July to August), the lodges are open and linking station of cell phone is set up temporary. So, it is available for beginners to enjoy climbing without danger.

Instead in the off-season, you need knowledge and skills to deal with the crisis on accidents such as sudden change of the weather.

Is it easy to climb at night?

The sunshine is strong in summer, but we can’t say that the climbing mountain at night is just easy.

It is extremely dangerous and hard to notice falling rocks, or uneven surface at your feet. Also it is hard to maintain the body temperature.

You must take care of yourself not to cool your body and keep physical strength.

Where is easy starting point for a climb?

The altitude is different in each 5th station. Fujinomiya Trail 5th station is 2,400 meters, Yoshida Trail 5th station is 2,350 meters, Subashiri Trail 5th station is 2,000 meters and Gotemba Trail New 5th station is 1,440 meters high. If the altitude is higher, you need less distance and time, but you may be more likely to develop altitude sickness.

How to prevent altitude sickness.

When you get to the 5th station by car, you need to take a rest about 1 hour even if you are not tired. When you breath, try to concentrate on expiration. And try to take a lot of water to improve your metabolism.

Once you get altitude sickness, descending the mountain is the best treatment.

Do we need reservation to stay the lodge?

Please make the accomodations for sure just in case you can’t stay if there are groups. Or if you can’t arrive reserved lodge and change your plan for some reason, be sure to contact for cancellation.

The pressure point “Goukoku” is said to be effective for altitude sickness.

“Goukoku” is very effective pressure point for shoulder stiffness, tooth pain or eye trouble, and also good for altitude sickness.
Push and release the point between your forefinger and thumb with your opposite thumb for 3 seconds.

Then change your hand and do likewise. It is said to be especially effective to continue it in a repetitive manner.

Is it available to take stones or flowers in Mt. Fuji to home?

Mt. Fuji is national park. So, it is not allowed to collect minerals like rocks, animals or plants according to Natural Parks Law.
When you find rare stones or beautiful flowers, please don’t take them and enjoy taking photos. Thank you.

Be sure not to get lost.


Other climbing trails

Mt. Fuji climbing routes are classified into four colors. Please make sure the color of your trail before you climb.