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Updated:September 28, 2014

Case examples of alipine accidents in Mt.Fuji in summer

On the way of climbing, I got altitude sickness and had a headache or felt nauseous. But as I kept on climbing for a while, finally I became absolutely immobile.

It could be worse. If it is too late to descend, you may occur with other life-threatening diseases known as cerebral edema or pulmonary edema.

As I descend at furious speed, I fell down.

It is not easy to descend on the slippery trail covered with volcanic ash. There are some climbers who break a bone when they fell over on the bedrock.

I had an intention to descend the mountain in the day time, but as it took too long and I had no idea what to do or where to go after sunset.

As long as you have head lamp with you, you may descend more easily. Poor preparation should turn out only poor result. Alpine accidents caused by lack of preparation become a very common serious problem.

As a result of lack of exercise, I had my knee joint pain and finally couldn’t move at all on the way down.

It frequently happens for beginners. Descending may become high-impact activity than climbing. If you are short on physical strength, it is hard to descend the mountain safely.

I got completely drenched because of my sweat and rain. Finally I became hypothermia and couldn’t move at all.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and the temperature at the summit is 23 degrees centigrade cooler than in the downtown or 15 degrees centigrade cooler than on the 5th station even in summer. If it is possible, prepare the underwear using a superior quick-drying, moisture exclusion material. Also never forget to bring the raingear using a waterproof and moisture permeable material. If it is not available to prepare these items, try to change the wet underwear frequently.

I thought it was no problem to be alone as the trail was just direct road to the summit. But I got separated from my group and lost my way.

The trouble of its kind often happens. The adults can manage by themselves, but in case of the children, early detector is very important and any child not found so soon, would be in mortal danger. Actually there was life-threatening case in the past.

He seemed to enjoy climbing vigorously but his condition suddenly changed and passed away…

Mt. Fuji is the place where you can be surrounded by the out of the ordinary world. Not only the temperature, but also the atmospheric pressure has been very low, the strain for the body is much bigger than what we expect. So, before you climb, please seek medical advice if you have previous disease or feel anxiety about your health.