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What is the "Mt. Fuji Live View"?

The symbol of Shizuoka Prefecture, Mt. Fuji, is photographed in one-minute intervals by different cameras in Shimizu, Fujinomiya, and Gotemba. These photographs are uploaded throughout the day.

In addition to views of Mt. Fuji in real time, you can also see every hour’s "best shot" or even a 2 min. 40 sec. compilation of Mt. Fuji over one day.

Depending on the weather, there may be times when Mt. Fuji cannot be seen or photographed.

There may be delays in updates or transfer of images because of communication errors.

Shimizu View Point, Fujinomiya View Point, Gotemba View Point

View real-time photos of Mt. Fuji taken every minute by cameras in three regions.(Image Size: 320x240 pixels)

Photos are taken and saved between 4:00-20:00 every hour on the hour.(Image Size: 640x480 pixels and 960x720 pixels)

View a short movie, "160 Second Theater," which is a compilation of photosof Mt. Fuji taken from sunrise to sunset over a one-day period.

Best Shot

This gallery includes impressive shots with a variety of cloud compositions and colors shading the surface of the majestic Mt. Fuji taken since April 2000.

Photos are continuously updated.

365-Day Gallery

Select a photo by date from the past year up until the previous day.

Choose from two image sizes: L (640x480 pixels) or XL (960x720 pixels). Only the L size is available for photos before March 2009.

Though due to weather conditions there may be times when Mt. Fuji is not visible, check what Mt. Fuji looked like on your anniversary or even during your trip to Shizuoka.

Pictures of Mt. Fuji cannot be viewed from this page. Select from the Shimizu, Fujinomiya, or Gotemba View Point pages.

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